Step 1. Open strip packet, tear off the strips from the backing liner.
Step 2. Make sure teeth are clean and dry then apply the bottom strip first with the gel side against your teeth. Repeat the process for your upper teeth.
Step 3. Peel off strips after 30mins and rinse away any excess gel and admire your Bright smile!
Step 1. Make sure teeth are clean and dry
Step 2. Twist pen to dispense gel into the brush
Step 3. Brush a thin layer of gel on to teeth, avoiding the gum line.
Step 4. Wear for 15-30 minutes. (Optional: apply LED light from Mr Bright Kit)
Step 5. Rinse mouth with lukewarm water.

Step 1. Fill a bowl with warm water. Place one mouth guard in the water for about 4-5 seconds. Carefully pull put the mouth guard and place in your mouth around your upper teeth and bite firmly to hold in position. Apply pressure with your fingers to the front and side of the mouth guard. With your tongue positioned to the roof of your mouth try and suck out the air and water from inside your mouth. Again this will improve the fit of your mouth guard.
Step 2. Repeat for the bottom mouth guard.
Step 3. Once happy with the fit of your mouth guard dispense a small drop of the gel into the centre of each mouth guard and spread evenly with your fingers across the mouth guard.
Step 4. Place both mouth guards back in your mouth and again press firmly with your fingers to spread the gel evenly.
Step 5. Twist open the cover on the back of the LED light that reveals the batteries. Remove the plastic sleeve that sits between the batteries and then place the batteries back inside the LED light. Turn on the LED light and place in your mouth over the mouth guards. The light will activate the gel and give you that perfect Mr Bright smile. Leave in position for 30mins.