Mr. Bright Whitening Kit


STEP 1. Ensure mouth tray and teeth are clean.

STEP 2. Check to see the LED light is working by twisting the cover on the back of the LED light to expose the batteries. Remove the plastic sleeve insert that sits between both batteries and then place the batteries back into the LED light in the correct position.

STEP 3. Attach the LED light onto the front of the mouth tray and clip into position.

STEP 4. Apply 1/4 of the gel from 1x tube into the mouth tray. Apply just enough to coat the frontal surfaces of the mouth tray for your teeth to be whitened, but not your gums.

STEP 5. Place the mouth tray into your mouth (with LED light turned on) and hold into position. Press the 'on' button and then it will count down from 10 minutes - you can repeat this 10-minute countdown 3-4 times per sitting. For Best results use between 10 - 30 minutes.

STEP 6. After use, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and ensure that you have cleaned your mouth tray to keep it hygienic. Repeat this for 6 consecutive days each week to achieve best results.

Mr. Bright Whitening Strips

STEP 1. Open strip packet, tear off the strips from the backing liner.

STEP 2. Make sure teeth are clean and dry then apply the bottom strip first with the gel side against your teeth. Repeat the process for your upper teeth.

STEP 3. Peel off strips after 30mins and rinse away any excess gel and admire your Bright smile!


Mr. Bright Whitening Pen

STEP 1. Make sure teeth are clean and dry.

STEP 2. Twist pen to dispense gel into the brush.

STEP 3. Brush a thin layer of gel on to teeth, avoiding the gum line.

STEP 4. Wear for 15-30 minutes. (Optional: apply LED light from Mr Bright Kit).

STEP 5. Rinse mouth with lukewarm water.