Who needs to whiten their smile?

Tea & Coffee Drinkers, Smokers (Quit!), or anyone wanting to have a whiter, more beautiful, smile.

How long does shipping take and where do you deliver to?

This depends entirely on your location. Normally within AUS most people will receive their products within 5 business days.

Is Mr Bright teeth whitening Safe?

Yes. If you follow our instructions carefully you will have no problems at all! All our products have been clinically tested and tried to ensure they are safe for you! We us a non-peroxide formula that won't harm your enamel or damage your teeth.

How does Mr Bright work?

Our unique gel works by getting down into the teeth enamel and setting off a reaction that gently breaks apart the compounds. The LED light helps speed this reaction up triggering the gel to break down any stains even faster.

How long do i have to apply Mr Bright for?

Everyone has different teeth so results will vary however our advanced formulation needs to only be applied between 20 – 40mins at a time. We recommend start at 20 mins and build up to 30mins - we don't recommend using it more than once a day. 

For the best results try and use Mr Bright for 6 days each week for the first two weeks. 

But, will Mr Bright make my teeth sensitive?

The short answer is NO! We use a non-peroxide formula that is zero sensitivity.
Remember if there is a slight tingle in your teeth – do not stress this is just Mr Bright working his magic!

Does Mr Bright work on Caps, Crowns, Porcelain Veneers or bonding?

Our gel is completely safe for caps, veneers, or anything artificial in the customer’s mouth. It will remove stains, but will not whiten anything brighter than it was when the dentist first put it there.

My LED light isn't working?

For the light to turn on, you need to remove the clear plastic sheet that is separating the two batteries. Twist and open the back case of the LED light. 

What does the LED light do?

The LED light in your Mr Bright kit activates the special gel formula so that it works really, really fast. The LED light helps save time and is what gives you your whiter teeth in a matter of days.

Is there any reasons why I should not use Mr Bright?

No there isn't any reason why you shouldn't use it, it's the perfect range of products to achieve white teeth with ease. There are some key points that we'd like to point out though!

- Avoid swallowing the cosmetic or part thereof
- Not suitable for children under the age of 16
- Avoid contact with the eyes and clothing. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly
- Avoid direct contact of the whitening product with the gums
- If irritation of the mouth or gums occurs, discontinue use and consult a dentist
- Not suitable for those with decayed teeth, gum disease or genetic discoloration
- Do not use while pregnant

What sort of results will Mr Bright give me? And how long will my teeth stay white for?

Everyone has different teeth so naturally results will vary. Commonly if you use Mr Bright correctly you can expect to see your teeth get between 5 – 8 shades whiter and if you keep good care of your teeth you will keep your results for up to 4-5 months.
Remember not to consume any food or drink after whitening or smoke. For the best results we recommend using Mr Bright just before bed.

Where is the best place to store my Gel and Pen? How long will they last for?

It is best to store your Gel and Pen in a dry cool place. The refrigerator is generally the preferred option, however most people like to stick their Mr Bright pen in their purse and take it on the run - the gels are fine to keep in the zip case.
The gel will last to 24 months with no issues – however we suggest using the products within 3 months after opening the gels. 

How long until I start to see results with Mr Bright?

The best part about Mr Bright is you should notice results after only one use! Obviously the more dedicated and committed you are using Mr Bright the better the results. If you're happy with your results after your first 2 week supply, we recommend doing it again every few months - depending on the person, you can use Mr Bright products to 'touch up' your current white teeth to maintain your teeth whiteness.

Do I have to use the customized mouth trays?

The customized mouth tray will ensure the proper whitening results with no missed areas. It also clips on the the LED light to make the use of treatment easier. 

How much Mr Bright gel do I need per application?

Best thing about Mr Bright is you don’t need a lot of gel at all. Once you have formed your mouth tray simply put a blob of gel on to the top and bottom mouth trays. With your finger spread the gel evenly across the trays. As long as there is an even and consistent spread you will be fine!